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Certainly one of problems experienced by patchouli player is related to post-harvest coping with process, especially in the course of distillation. Many growers still use basic distillation equipment manufactured from used plats, so that typically the quality of typically the oil is comparatively minimal. In the while, equipment made from better materials is already available commercially, but farmer has not yet willing to adopt the technology.

JKAP, particularly focuses on the main problems in the development of the sciences of public policies and administrations areas. It covers the administration development, the regional autonomy and bureaucracy, the state equipment, the decentralisation, the particular economic and technology development, the general public management, the governance as well as policy, plus any social savoir that concentrate in making sciences associated with public well-being, fiscal national politics, and regional arranging. JKAP, with authorized number ISSN, ISSN is really a scientific a comprehensive journal published simply by Magister Administrasi Öffentlich Universitas Gadjah Mada.

In addition to Signal, System, in addition to Electronics, Digital Sign Processing, Image Running, Robotic Systems, Handle and Automation Techniques, and Embedded Techniques for Applied Consumer electronics scope. Indonesian Diary of Geography ISSN, ISSN is definitely a worldwide journal published simply by the Faculty associated with Geography, Universitas Gadjah Mada in cooperation with The Indonesian Geographers Association.

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JKKI uses an on the internet submission and peer review platform, which usually allows authors to the progress of the manuscript and allows shorter processing occasions. Only submissions produced through this system are accepted, along with submitting authors needed tocreate an JKKI account. The Diary considers any initial research that supporters change in, or perhaps illuminates, clinical training. The journal likewise publishes interesting in addition to informative reviews in addition to opinions pieces in any topics attached with clinical training.

The measurement results showed that the coefficient of viscosity of palm cooking oil that has been used 10 times for 30 minuted will rise by 76% for oil packs A and about 45% for a sample of bulk, respectively. For palm oil used once but its has been using for one hour, the viscosity will be comparable to 6 times the use of the cooking oil used for 30 minutes. Thus based on the masurement of viscosity value, the palm oil will have a viscosity values are relatively small when used often , but in a short time than is used only once, but in a relatively longer. This research aim was to study the application of red galanga juice addition in meranti sago starch edible coating on chemical, microbiology, and hedonic properties of tomatoes during storage. The study used a Completely Randomized Design with five treatments and 3 replications so that 15 experimental units were obtained. The treatments used were P0, P1 (1% addition of red galangal juice), P2 (3% addition of red galangal juice), P3 (5% addition of red galangal juice), and P4 (7 % addition of red galangal juice) in formulation of sago starch edible coating which applicated on tomatoes during 21 days storage.

Using the spirit of additional proliferation of understanding within the legal method in Indonesia to be able to the wider neighborhoods, this website gives journal articles at no cost download. Our academics journal is a way to obtain reference both coming from law academics in addition to legal practitioner. Regarding submitting your content, please follow this specific linkand follow theauthor guidelinesin this connect to meet our conditions for Jurnal Kawistara.